I had the chicken kabobs recently for dinner and they were excellent. They came with a choice of ...
Pera is a most welcome addition to the area where it is helping (along with the Sushi Thai Garden, Spice Root, and Tony's Sombrero) to transform Spring Street into a street of international cuisine. I have visited Pera no less...
Beautiful decor, warm atmosphere, great food and attentive service. We like fresh ingredients and Pera Bistro was...

About Us


Pera, now known as Beyoglu, is a district located on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey.  It was the base of European merchants, specifically from Genoa and Venice, in what was then known as Pera.  During the 19th century it was again home to many European traders, and housed many embassies, especially along the Grande Rue de Péra (today Istiklal Avenue). The presence of such a prominent European population - commonly referred to as Levantines - made it the most Westernized part of ?stanbul, especially when compared to the Old City at the other side of the Golden Horn, and allowed for influxes of modern technology, fashion, and arts.  Records show it existed since the time of Christ.  The owner of Pera Mediterranean Bistro, Fahri Karakaya, lived and worked in Pera for ten years, which is how he came up with the restaurant’s name.

Fahri saw that the people in Williamstown like an array of foods because of all the different types of restaurants in Williamstown.  He noticed that there wasn’t a Mediterranean restaurant in Williamstown, so he decided to open Pera Mediterranean Bistro.

Pera Mediterranean Bistro offers a wide range of food, specializing in American and Mediterranean Bistro fare.  None of our items are deep-fried, they are either sautéed in olive oil, grilled, or cooked in the oven, with almost every item being made from scratch. 

Pera Mediterranean Bistro specializes in kebobs, our sampler platter consisting of hummus, tabouli, grape leaves, sautéed falafel, and smoky grilled eggplant puree, as well as our large variety of wraps.  Our wide array of menu items offers dishes everyone can enjoy. 

Our executive chef, Randall Beaudoin, is highly experienced with true dedication and professionalism.  

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We are open everyday:
Sun-Weds 11am-9pm
Thur, Fri & Sat 11am-10pm